prelude to sex

How your body says that you need sex urgently

Women underestimate value of sex, and men overestimate. And only doctors remind: it is natural physiological process. And if the mature person is not engaged in it systematically, the body is obligatory for it about it will prompt.

About what signals are given by an organism, hinting at need to have sex.

In the short video the blogger mentions widespread signs at abstention, including pimples, deterioration in mood and prostration.

However, it is not the only signs. We decided to continue the list, and here that at us turned out.


Decrease in a pain threshold

Most brightly it is observed at women. If earlier pain during periods was almost inaudible, then when the organism needs sex, monthly become more painful. It also concerns men, any trauma or scratch becomes more notable, than earlier. All because of the shortage of special hormones – endorphins, they are developed at sex and work on a morphine analogue.

You feel ill often

Sex improves immunity, so, risk to catch some virus decreases. It is scientifically proved that at people who have regular sex have 30% more antibodies, than at those who fuck rarely.


couple can't sleep

Do you think why men fall asleep right after sexual intercourse? It is all about oxytocin – it is hormone which is produced during an orgasm, it has the strong calming effect. When next time you are not able to fall asleep at night or you will break on trifles at work, think, maybe, you just lack sex and the organism indicates it.

Life hack for men

If the woman after sex is vigorous and cheerful, then it is a strong indication of the fact that you badly tried and she imitated pleasure. So pay attention men. If you want to get more confirmation ask Live Jasmin girls about that.

The bra became too big

This fact seems improbable, but it is truthful. It appears, during sex the breast increases in a size, all because of the raised blood-groove. If you have a regular sex life, then the effect becomes accumulative. But sharp cancellation of sex leads to reduction of a breast, so, the bra becomes big.

concerned girl

Perceive information badly

The absent-mindedness and bad memory are too secret signals of an organism which specify that sex is simply necessary for you.

The American scientists who investigated sexual opportunities of biped came to a conclusion that during an orgasm the blood circulation in all organism happens at the maximum allowed speed, as a result the brain is enriched with the large volume of oxygen, begins to work more better.

You are noticing fast aging of skin

During sexual intercourse in an organism of the woman the amount of collagen increases, so, the elasticity of skin improves and the quantity of wrinkles on the face decreases. Always to look as in 18 years, 3 – 4 times a week are enough to have sex.