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I have been a cam girl for a couple of years now and this year, I am in the running for Cam Girl of the Year Award and I’m very close to achieve this goal. Now I want to introduce myself to the crowd, so here I am:

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This is mostly due to the fact that I really started to enjoy my work on Full Of Girls teen cam section because I can be myself without worrying what other thing. When I first entered the cam-world business, I liked the general idea but didn’t exactly get to enjoy the shows. Perhaps I was too insecure about my body, or I was just inexperienced, but all that went away sometime around the beginning of this year. And to be completely honest, it was you guys, the fans, that helped me get over my issues and start enjoying the job. Nowadays, I really look forward to starting every single private show and genuinely enjoy doing them. I read somewhere that being successful comes down to being able to find the joy in what you do. I am already 22 years old, and I still discover new things about my body every day. Private shows allow me to explore the depths of my perversion pool. At first, I was kinda shy and really stuck the basics, but lately, I got a lot of wind under my wings and really started to experiment.

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I expanded my toy collection, I started getting nasty, I started to talk dirty. And you know what, I actually like myself better now. I have more confidence, I get more satisfaction and I started having regular orgasms during shows. You can see the photos in my library and in most of them, I look serious and seductive, but I am actually a lot more fun these days. Don’t get me wrong, I can still put on a bitch face, and a pretty good one at that. The thing is, I discovered that when I know that some finds me attractive and jerks off to me, I get a bit aroused myself.

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The last couple of shows were perhaps some of the best sexual experiences I have ever had. I had to change the sheets a couple of times and my followers seemed to have really enjoyed the performance. I guess, what I really want to say to all of you out there is thank you. You guys helped me a lot to become one of the top models and I am incredibly grateful for that. Ultimately, it’s all about you guys and I really appreciate every bit of attention I get from you. Thank you for that and see you in private shows. Kisses:*